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Classes are every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8:30 am. Sunset classes are added periodically and will start 1 hour prior to sunset. Holiday classes are also offered. Check the website frequently for the class schedule. You can also subscribe to the website for a monthly NBY health and wellness newsletter. No registration is required for classes, but please visit the website for more information on how to prepare for your class.


Rise and Shine is perfect for students looking for a meaningful mind-body experience on the mat. We start our class with some gentle yoga stretching to wake up the body and progress to standing postures and end with a seated finishing series and a final savasana. We will stretch, strengthen and work on flexibility, balance and breathing techniques. Get ready to have some fun on your mat. Your body will thank you! 

Yin Yoga pushes you and your limits to a deeper level of flexibility in your practice. Yin is the perfect compliment to any other yoga class or physical activity that you engage in (biking, running or swimming) The focus is on opening up your joints through passive movement and the help of gravity. We work on the connective tissue and fascia. We will hold postures slightly longer than a typical yoga class and most of the class will be done sitting or lying on your mat. We will form a connection with the mind, body and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you refine your form. We incorporate many yin postures in our morning classes and sunset classes.


Sunset yoga is a popular one. Come put your toes in the sand with us. Take advantage of this opportunity to calm the mind and relax the body after a busy day in the office or home. We will flow our way through our postures to the sound of the waves. We will end class with a most relaxing savasana leaving our minds clear bodies relaxed. Nothing is more relaxing and calming than beachside sunset yoga.

The Private Session (Individual or small group) allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body. This is a popular one, so go ahead and book today.


If you’d like more details, please get in touch.

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